Exploring the Depths: Erwin Ong's "School of Fish" Art Show in Mount Kisco (September 2023)

Exploring the Depths: Erwin Ong's "School of Fish" Art Show in Mount Kisco (September 2023)

The enchanting world beneath the waves comes alive in the "School of Fish" art show by Erwin Ong of A Duck Amuck, currently on display at Curio Room in Mount Kisco, NY. From September 8th to September 28th, 2023, this captivating exhibition invites art enthusiasts and ocean enthusiasts alike to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing underwater realm through the eyes of a talented artist. In this blog post, we'll explore the beauty and significance of this art show, providing you with an inside look at Erwin Ong's stunning creations.

Discover the "School of Fish" Collection

 56 fish drawn in black and white on cream paper displayed in a white frame
"School of Fish No. 4"

To truly appreciate the "School of Fish" art show, you must experience it firsthand. However, for a sneak peek, you can visit A Duck Amuck's website to see all the works in the exhibit: School of Fish Show at Curio Room (September 2023). Here, you'll find a mesmerizing array of aquatic-themed artworks that seamlessly blend imagination and nature. Prints are also available for select artwork from the show.


Erwin Ong's Unique Perspective

"El Nido" (Black and White) No. 1

Erwin Ong, known for his distinctive style inspired by all things aquatic, brings the underwater world to life through intricate lines and mark-making that mimic the same lines and patterns that appear in nature—in scales, fins, shells, teeth, shells. As you explore his "School of Fish" collection, you'll feel as though you've dived into the ocean alongside his subjects.

A Journey Through the Deep

Photo of artwork "27,000 feet under the sea" featuring black artwork of snailfish and submarines on a white background"27,000 Feet Under the Sea"

Walking through the Curio Room during this exhibition is like embarking on a deep-sea adventure. Erwin Ong's art pieces transport you to the depths of the ocean, where you'll encounter a mesmerizing array of marine life. From graceful schools of snailfish—the deepest fish to be recorded on video, at 27,000 feet; to adorable hermit crabs, to a school of fish in a tessellation—every creation tells a story of life beneath the surface.

Exploring Themes of Connection

Black and white illustration of mermaids"Mermaids No. 1"

Beyond their visual appeal, Erwin Ong's works also explore themes of connection and harmony. The Mermaids series serves as a metaphor for the importance of unity and collaboration in the natural world, of people coexisting harmoniously with our surroundings. As you view the artworks, take a moment to reflect on the delicate balance of ecosystems and the role we play in preserving them.

Plan Your Visit

Curio Room gallery wall for the "School of Fish" show by Erwin Ong / A Duck Amuck

If you'd like to experience the "School of Fish" art show in person, the show is at Curio Room from September 8 to September 28, 2023. Located in the heart of Mount Kisco, in Westchester County, NY, this gallery provides a serene and immersive environment where you can fully appreciate Erwin Ong's creations. And while you’re there, check out their curated selection of used and new books, a robust collection of zines, music (vinyl, cassette tapes, etc), jewelry, original art, and more. Tuesday, 12-5pm; Wed-Sunday, 12-8pm. 141 E. Main Street Mount Kisco, NY (also accessible via Metro-North Harlem line - Mt. Kisco stop)

Don't miss the opportunity to experience this exhibition before it swims away. Plan your visit today to see "School of Fish."
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