Togetherness: a group art show at Spongies Cafe in NYC (April - June 2023)

Togetherness: a group art show at Spongies Cafe in NYC (April - June 2023)

Fish Blobs (w/ mermaids) for the “Togetherness” show - 9”x12” digital drawing.


Mermaids are back! I am very happy to give you a sneak peek of this drawing that will be part of a group show at Spongies Cafe in Chinatown NYC for AAPI Heritage Month (May). I’m honored to have my art displayed alongside Helen (@miiasooey), Christina (@thebaobae), Justin (@hungryartistny), and others. 

For the show theme, I incorporated mermaids into my usual composition of fish, squid, jellyfish, crab, shells, coral, kelp, and and other undersea motifs to show that people can live harmoniously with each other and with their surroundings.


Event Details

Exhibition at Spongies Cafe
121 Baxter Street, Chinatown
April 21 - June 21, 2023


Togetherness group show at Spongies Cafe NYC - April, May, June 2023

From event curator Helen So: “Celebrating the AAPI month in May, the exhibition “Togetherness” invites 15 artists to share their arts on the topic.

“When I think of individuals, I think of each of them as a sole star. Yet, with imagination, we link up the stars to form astrology and give them stories. To me, this is the same as what we do when it comes to people and the desire to be connected with each other with memories, stories and cultures.

"The word 'Togetherness' has become a much deeper emotion to me since I moved from Hong Kong to New York City in 2021. The idea of being physically, virtually or spiritually together with your loved ones can be a challenge sometimes and I believe many share similar experiences in recent years.

"With so many people like myself leaving one’s homeland to go live somewhere else, I cherish the memories that I had created with my families and friends back home. Now that I am here making all these new connections with different communities, the dynamic is very fresh and it makes me think of new ways to connect with people in this world where it is at a maximum speed 24/7.

"I am honored to curate this exhibition that showcases 16 AAPI artists’ works to tell stories of what 'Togetherness' means to them.”

— helen so miiasoey


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